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The Green Termite Bait System

You Can Win the War Against Termites!

Our proven termite management system can offer you and your home:

  • Early interception and detection of termites.
  • Positive and confirmable eradication of termites and their central nest.  Simply superb success rate.
  • Improved value on your home when it comes time to sell.  Especially with our unique Service History Book
  • Will not attract termites to your house, but consistently intercept scouting termites that approach your home.
  • D.I.Y has never been easier.  Your baits can be serviced easily by any licensed pest control company in Australia.  Suitable for several termiticides including, Termidor®, Intrigue®, Premise®.

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How the Green Termite Bait System works.

How termite baits work - image

The Green Termite Bait System gives you a window into their underground world. You can see exactly when they arrive in the bait. It's then simply a matter of freshly adding a miniscule amount of termiticide (Termidor Dust ® recommended) to the bait. This procedure is usually done by your local pest control company. The termites unwittingly carry their lethal load back to the nest where it is distributed amongst all the termites (including the Queen) and within a few weeks the entire colony is wiped out. They simply don't have a chance. Your home is made safe.

It's termites that have to worry now, not you.

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