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Termites are Australia's largest natural disaster!

In Australia, floods, fires and storms pale into insignificance alongside termite damage. In the last five years these major pests have damaged over 650,000 residential homes throughout Australia.

The repair costs to homeowners exceeds $140 million a year, and that just covers structural repairs, not the cost of getting rid of the termites and what is even worse is that this type of damage is not covered by insurance.

Until now, it was estimated that one in every three homes would be attacked by termites in the life of the building, but all that is changing with the introduction of the new HomeGuard Precision Termite Management System.


New HomeGuard stops, repels and kills termites once and for all.

HomeGuard is the only physical termite barrier that has ever been officially registered by the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority.

This Australian-made physical barrier has been proven to block, repel and kill on contact all of Australia ’s subterranean termites - the triple whammy! And what’s more, it will go on stopping, repelling and killing termites for the long term.

With annual inspections, HomeGuard will continue to deliver peace of mind.

HomeGuard gives you the best of both worlds… while being kind to the environment.

Traditional physical barriers only deter termites from entering your home. They are designed to block attacking termites, so they can be controlled by chemical products later.

Chemical termite barriers are applied to the soil under and around your home. They are highly effective at killing termites but many homeowners worry about their effect on the environment and their family and pets.


HomeGuard captures the best of both systems. Installed as a physical barrier, it also has the ability to kill and repel attacking termites. Plus it’s environmentally friendly, completely non-invasive and won’t corrode, crack or delaminate like some other physical barriers.

HomeGuard is sealed permanently in your new home’s foundations, so you won’t disturb it when you garden, lay paving or paths.

Backed by a 10-Year Warranty*, Australian made HomeGuard is the only AVPMA registered physical termite barrier - so you know it works. There’s no question about it.

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