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Kordon Termite Barrier - The New Australian Standard in Termite Protection

  • Kordon offers a ten year warranty.
  • Kordon is quickly and easily installed.
  • Kordon is flexible and is suited to all building applications.
  • Kordon provides a physical and chemical barrier to termites.
  • Kordon can be used for perimeter or full under slab protection.
  • Kordon is allergen free.
  • Kordon is only installed by accredited staff.
  • Kordon is Aust. Building Code Certified.
  • Extensively tested by the C.S.I.R.O
  • Perimeter, pipe and underslab protection against termites
  • Guaranteed correct application rate of termiticide
  • Installed by trained and accredited installers
  • Manufactured and designed in Australia
  • Complies with Australian Standard AS 3660.1-2000
  • Tough and robust, yet easy to handle
  • Long term protection for real peace of mind
kordon tb

Kordon Termite Barrier (Kordon TB)

Kordon TB is a flexible termite protection system that offers guaranteed termite protection, when installed in conjunction with a concrete slab poured to AS 2870. Kordon TB can be installed as a perimeter termite barrier to all building types such as in-fill slabs, waffle pods, slab edge rebates or bearer and joist construction. Kordon TB can also be installed as a termite protection system for pipes and penetrations.

kordon tmb

Kordon Termite Moisture Barrier (Kordon TMB)

Kordon TMB is a complete underslab barrier, providing both termite and moisture protection. Kordon TMB is installed on the bedding sand before the steel reinforcing mesh is laid. All slab penetrations are individually protected by Kordon TMB as part of this installation. The concrete is then poured on top of Kordon TMB.

termites in various life cycles
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