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TermX Replenishment System back





TERMITE PROTECTION to new or existing buildings


  TERM-seal termite systems are new, innovative and very cost competitive products developed for  termite    proofing new and existing buildings, with the bonus of our coatings and sealants also meeting  the requirements for water-proofing solutions. 

The range of TERM-seal  systems products have been developed to specifically target every type of construction, not relying on one type of product to try and cover every scenario including our cost saver 2 in 1 back-Filled wall water-proof and termite proof coatings.

TERM-seal Physical Barrier Systems are made up of coatings, sealants, penetration protection collars, sheet barriers and our unique Ura-Fen cavity perimeter barriers

TERM-seal products are stable long lasting and environmentally friendly.



Your choice, your peace of mind

TERM-seal Products are safe to humans, but deadly to termites, and come with a range of product warranties.



TERM-seal Systems are Code-Mark Certified, Certification No: GM-09-CM 30015

TERM-seal systems comply with A.S.3660.1-2000, BCA including QLD Amendment

The waterproofing tests were conducted by CSIRO. The compound was tested to A.S/N.Z 4858 and when installed complies with A.S. 3740.

Damp Coarse membrane Suitability of our TERM-seal capping strip and Ura-Fen Barrier was tested by CSIRO to As/NZS 4347.1-1995

Dual purpose system saves $$$$$$ -FOR YOUR TERMITE PROTECTION

1. TERM-seal compounds, sealants, penetration protection and perimeter barriers to prevent  termite attack to your home is the right choice.

                                           2. Lock out moisture and lock out termites

What are Termites?

   Termites are small to medium sized insects ranging form 3-20 millimetres in body length.

                            These insects are not often seen although evidence of their presence is observable in the large mounds

                                                                                         they construct or the damage they do to wood products and structures.

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